The Formula To My Confidence

I came a long way when it comes to my confidence. I used to go through life gullible and clueless. Before I immersed myself in books, I walked around without a mind of my own. Yes, I did day-to-day activities like homework, class work, and projects. But I didn’t have my own thoughts.

When I compare the old me to the new me, I realize that thinking for myself, knowing who I am, and being aware of the world was not present before. Sometimes I think that wasn’t even me from ages 1-18. I look back and say, “Damn?! That was me?”

What led me to where I am now are books. Reading books gave me the mental freedom to find who I was, and as a result, my confidence developed. Knowing different subjects and developing my OWN views on what I just read is an indescribable feeling that I’m grateful to experience.

Because of books, I have a mind of my own. No one can program my thoughts or my mind. I know who I am now (I think – but I have a clue) and I still have a long way to go. My mind is powerful. What I think can either be my antidote or my poison.

When I’m finished reading a book, it’s a step closer to the REAL me.


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