Fighting the Matrix

I had a hiatus on this blog. I hate the fact that I did. I created this blog for me to post my thoughts daily, but the way the matrix is set up – it doesn’t allow me to do what I REALLY want to do. It is a miracle to find the time to do what I love to do. School sucks the life right out of me. I dread the day I will have to find a job to pay back my loans.

After I came back to my room after taking an exam, I was so exhausted. I had to take a nap before I could do anything else. I swear, walking back to my room from the place I took my exam was all a blur. Whenever I wanted to post something on here, homework and projects that were assigned to me left me preoccupied in their work. I want to be preoccupied in MY passion. I tried every day to write something down, but it was unsuccessful. The matrix draining my energy once again.

Throughout the days I was busy doing projects and homework, I made sure I jotted down anything that came to mind that would be a good post for my blog – here’s one of them. I wondered why I didn’t have the time to update my blog. Then, BINGO! The assignments from my professors were the culprit. I became furious after I realized why I wasn’t posting anymore.

How can “school” be so good when it leaves you preoccupied with activities that drains your soul? Since exam week is over (for now) and most of my projects are finished, I finally have the time to post something.

It is refreshing to post on my blog again. Even though the matrix has me drained sometimes, I will not succumb to its mindless, brainwashing, and drone-praising tactics. Nope, not me. I will never stop doing what I love to do, which is to write. If I have to stay up until 3 am to post something on here – I will!


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