Being an introvert in this world is incredibly painful – especially when you’re a college student. Everywhere I go I see everyone socializing. It feels like a twilight zone going to class. I see flashes of mouths moving and people walking. Sometimes it takes a toll on my brain.

It seems like everyone hates being alone. Why do I feel alone among 50,000 people? I hate this feeling. I hate seeing my peers giving tours to incoming freshman. I hate seeing them speak to them with a smile on their faces when I feel like I’m losing my mind in the inside. It’s either my peers are good actors or they really like being a college student.

I’m stressed, tired, and an introvert. Everyone looks like they’re having fun and I’m not. I’m tired of feeling this way. I don’t have this feeling every day, but it comes to me occasionally. I don’t want this feeling to appear at all.

I hope this feeling disappears once my college years are over. I hate how this world likes extroverts.

Is there a place on this planet for an introvert to exist?


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