Why don’t you live off campus?

I am writing this to affirm my decision and reclaim my sanity. The question that gets under my skin, but is completely understandable as to why someone would ask it is: Why don’t you live off campus?

The feeling of shame and the urge to release my anger onto the person asking it comes over me. The anger stems from the fact that there’s this notion that a senior in college should live off campus. If a senior wants to live off campus, that’s cool. If not, then why is it so shocking?

I’ve gotten looks that received eye-rolls. I’ve gotten comments that implicitly or explicitly stated how “lazy” and “dependent” I am.

Owning your own place signifies independence in this society. But let us take a deeper look shall we? Is the home/apartment/duplex you are renting or paying mortgage off of yours? Do you OWN it? You still have to pay taxes and monthly bills to the city. Even if you paid off the house, you still have to pay for utilities.

If you TRULY are the owner, you wouldn’t have to pay a cent to anyone else. Why? Because you OWN it. It is yours.

So stop with all the delusions that one is independent because they have their “own” apartment or their “own” home. It is not yours because you will always pay someone monthly or annually to continue to live there.

I am NOT diminishing the fact that I am temporarily dependent because I am a senior in college living on campus. I am shedding light on the fact that we are ALL dependent because we do not OWN our own place. We still have “bills” to pay. If you own the place you live on, you wouldn’t have bills to pay monthly or annually.

The only difference between the one living on campus and the one living off campus is that one has the delusion that they are independent and/or “free” because they live off campus.

Your perspective can differ. But this is my perspective.


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