There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of

I felt compelled to write about a blogpost about fear. Why? Because I wasn’t scared to write about it. Catch my drift?

If you don’t get my humor, it’s fine. I think I’m funny because I think I am. What you think of me doesn’t matter & vice versa.

People care too much of what others think of them. WHAT THEY THINK DOES NOT MATTER. I will keep saying this & continue living out this philosophy in my own life.

What I do to cast fear out my mind, body, & soul is to do what I love & to be myself. Another tip that helped me to stop letting fear into my life is books. Lots & lots of books.

Just wanted to share my journey about kicking fear out of my life. I hope this helped. And more importantly, I hope you conjure up the courage to help yourself.


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