How college was a gateway to eating healthier

When it comes to eating in regards to college, some people link it to the ‘Freshman 15‘ or just all-around bad eating habits.

But for me, college forced me to eat healthier. It did so by meย looking for the cheapest AND the less time-consuming food or meal to prepare for myself. Even though I love to cook, college doesn’t give me that luxury to do so. Time is of the essence!

When I go grocery shopping, I usually go to the produce section and buy oranges, bananas, and grapes. Then Iย buy bread and peanut butter. What I just listed was my college meal for most of theย semesters I’ve been in college except for my freshman year. In my freshman year, I was on the meal plan.

Even with the meal plan, I still ate salads that I created at the salad bar. I got off the meal plan because it was too expensive and was not beneficial to my life as a college student when I can buy food for a cheaper price.

Sometimes the cheapest way to eat can be the healthiest. You don’t have to gravitate to Ramen noodles or soda. There are always healthier alternatives. Even though bread and peanut butter may not be the healthiest options out there, it is a better transition to healthier eating than Ramen noodles.

To each their own.