Eating Right

I made a promise to myself to eat healthier. In the past weeks, I’ve been eating a lot of junk food from the vending machines. And when I went grocery shopping, I will also buy junk food. I feel like I have a salty-food craving, and the junk food that satisfies that are chips. I told myself that after this week, I will not eat anymore chips (since that seems to be my Achilles heel).

Today I bought many fruits to steer me away from going to the vending machines and to erase my cravings for chips. Fruits alone won’t stop me from my cravings, my mind and willpower to stop eating junk food will truly stop me from doing it. Every time I feel down, I always resort to junk food to fill some kind of void. In the short-run, chips will do that. But in the long-run, it is not a good feeling that I turned to a manufactured and processed “good” to make me feel better. Thinking about it makes me feel weak. I shouldn’t let something that’s created in a factory and in laboratories to make me feel good.

So I made a promise to myself to not be a slave to chips. I will eat more fruits and have the strength to not succumb to my cravings. I have the power, not the junk food. I can’t wait to face my cravings with my new insights and new willpower.

Bye cravings. Hello, healthier lifestyle!