Are You Ready To Graduate?

I was in a meeting and one of the members asked if I was ready to graduate. I responded, “Yes.”

When people ask me that question, I sense so much fear from them. When they ask me if I’m ready to graduate, they don’t mean physically because I have my credits in check. They mean if I’m ready mentally.

My question is: Why are people scared to face the real world?

Why do people try so hard to shun away the harsh realities of life?

Running away from problems won’t make them go away. Facing problems head on will solve any issues or fears you have internally and/or externally.

“Are you ready to graduate?”

Yes. Yes I am. I’m ready for anything life throws my way.

We came into this world to be challenged, to face adversity, and to experience growth whether we like it or not.

I hate fear. I hate fear even more when people are trying to emit fear around me.

Nice try.