I love rainy days

I love rainy days because it forces me to reflect on my life. In my solitude, I can finally read that book I wanted to read. I can write what I wanted to write when I was busy. I can meditate more. I can relax more.

The rain brings a soothing feel to me. I start to feel calm whenever I hear the rain pouring. I love that feeling.

Some people get angry when it starts to rain, maybe because their plans are ruined. But when it rains, my plans have just begun.

Everything I wanted to do but couldn’t because of the tasks of what needed to be done in the external world can finally be done because of the rain.

When it rains, some plans may get canceled. But the tasks that need be done in my internal world finally gets completed.

The flowers bloom after it rains, and so do I.

Thank you rain.


Everything Is Temporary

Why do I hate having roommates? Well for one, they won’t stop talking. Since it’s the 4th of July, most of them brought their “friends,” and I have never been so annoyed in my life. They were supposed to leave but the rain is making them stay longer in the dorm. I just want them to leave.

This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend for me. Instead, it’s been filled with random faces and meaningless chatter that consisted of a thousand eye-rolls by yours truly.

When I was going to take a shower today, one of my roommate’s friends walked in on me. I had my towel on, but still – what was she doing here? I was shocked. I know she heard me in the bathroom, why did she continue to come in? She told me “Happy 4th of July” and proceeded to use the toilet.

Whenever I feel stressed or depressed, I just tell myself “Everything is temporary.” I won’t be in college forever. I won’t have these roommates forever. Everything will come in due time. When my college days are over, I won’t necessarily feel free because I will still be obligated to pay back my student loans, but I won’t have to LIVE with people who exhaust me.

I hope my roommates’ bringing random people in the dorm isn’t an everyday thing.

*Closes eyes, Inhale & Exhale* Everything is temporary.